Baracaviar was created by Marc Farshidi, a caviar passionate and expert. Marc is always looking for the best quality caviars throughout the world. His trained palate can distinguish the good caviar from the very best caviar.


Marc grew up in Iran where he discovered the delights of caviar. Iran has a long history with caviar. It is said that the Persian were the first to taste caviar, enjoying its delicate taste and health benefits.

When he was 22, Marc moved to Switzerland, his second mother country, to study architecture. He would regularly bring caviar to his friends, making them discover this wonderful delicacy.

A few years later, when Marc and four of his friends decided to open a luxury restaurant in Geneva, it was clear that Marc would be in charge of sourcing caviar. Quickly, Marc became fully dedicated to this activity, leaving architecture definitively behind.

In 1980, Marc visited Dubai for the very first time and decided to import caviar for professionals based in the UAE and shortly after in the entire Middle-East.


Nearly 40 years later, Baracaviar is launched to the general public allowing everyone in the UAE to enjoy and share fine caviar carefully selected by Marc at home with family and friends.